Thursday, 8 March 2012

PyCon - Day 1 Tutorials (ipython & pypy)

After a pretty good nights sleep, I was up for 7am registration in the conference centre. I made some new friends and got too meet two of the rockstars of the Python community Raymond Hettinger & Dave Beazley

I could say a lot about the tutorials, but I don't really need to because you'll be able to watch both of them.

As a taster, the slides from the ipython tutorial are available online.

I was pretty blown away by the pypy tutorial, my thesis involved generation and analysis of assembly code traces in a smallish code-base. That effort was challenging enough for me to have huge respect for what pypy team have done (and are continuing to do) with regard to scope, complexity and the quality of the outcomes that they are achieving. Even better, I found out they have a partial numpy implementation working! yeah.


One of the TA's at the talk, Paul Ivanov, mentioned interoperability layer between vim and ipython.

The attendee sitting next to me in the pypy talk was using a really pretty editor, that looked a lot like vim, with some cool extra features, it was sublime text

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